Best Junk Removers in Washington, DC

The residents of the nation’s capital lead quite a busy life. Their schedule doesn’t let them do everything they want to do; let alone things they need to do. But they cannot afford to let junk make them slow. To relieve them of this problem, there are junk removal services that offer top quality services for DC residents. If you are one of them and are wondering what are the top trash removal near me, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you the best junk removal services you will find in Washington, DC.

Jiffy Junk

Jiffy Junk is a premier junk removal and hauling service that operates nationwide. They have a team full of highly experienced professionals who should you call them, come to your place and get rid of the junk in a jiffy. They don’t think a job is too small or too big. Every work is equal to them and they give every client the same priority. No matter whatever space you need cleared out, if you just give them a call they will do it for you. DC people have lots of paper waste but sometimes they need to clear junk that appeared due to storms. Jiffy Junk will clear all kinds of junk.

Nova Junk

Nova Junk is another one of the top junk removals and hauling services in Washington, DC. They were established in 2006, and since then they have been in the work to create a safe, junk-free place for every client. They are an award-winning junk removal service. The junk they take from you; they try to donate them first in local charities. The junk they cannot donate, they recycle. The rest of the junk goes to landfills. They offer junk removal for the yard, office, construction site, hot tub, shed, etc. They also offer dumpster rental.


123Junk was founded in 2008 and since its inception, it has grown at a quick pace. They offer junk removal for all kinds of junk and they are a full-service junk removal service company. If you need to clean out your home, condo, apartment, office, garage, warehouse, construction site, or any other place, just give them a call and they will come to your place. They offer fair pricing. They try to donate as much as they can from the junk. They have charity partners who regularly collect those items and give to the people in need.

Junk King

Junk King is the last entry in our list and they, too, offer a very efficient junk removal service for people in Washington, DC. They pick up pretty much every kind of junk, e.g. TV, yard waste, foreclosure, electronics, mattress, garage, construction waste, e-waste, hot tub, etc. They are a full-service junk removal service which is very eco-friendly.


It’s pretty clear that you don’t need to wonder anymore by searching “trash companies near me”. These are the best you can find in DC, and you can count on them.