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What You Should Know about Telstra Student Plans So Far

by Max Connor

It’s true there are not any Telstra student plans from the company, but it already has a lot of for its users. The company has many plans that the students can get different types of advantages. From internet to call and texting, it comes with the largest coverage of the network. Also, it offers cheaper plans with its prepaid options for students and other regular users. That means it has not any new plans and the old ones are running successfully for calling, texting, and internet browsing. As a student, you may get advantages of plans like Extra Telstra Air data, Foxtel Packages, and cloud storage. Well, let’s get them in details below:

How Does Student Phone Deals Good Value?

In a practical way, it depends on your situation if a phone plan is a good value to determine. In this case, one of the biggest factors is how you’re using your phone. Some others considerable things are like which provider you use and what plan you’re going with. So, you have to find out the best one for your individual preferences before you shop. But, the student plans from Telstra certainly worth if you’re in a tight budget. Another good thing about this company is it offers the best deals at the lowest prices. So, you can save money if you’re not even in tight budget staying connected with their latest deals.

Mobile Plans with Student Discounts

As the discounts are off, the phone plans are the best options for the students. There are some examples of standard Telstra plans because they don’t have any new discounted deals. Well, let’s know some of their useful plans:

Say Goodbye to Kiss Excess Data Charges

This is for the selected SIM plans and you’ll get rid of extra charge if you stay in your monthly data pack. But, you’ll get the speed of 1.5 Mbps if you use Peace of Mind Data. This pack allows you to play music, watch HD videos, and browse the internet with 1.5Mbps. However, the speeds may vary due to some factors like your location, device, and the download sources.

More Plans from Telstra

If you want to keep your phone with a new network, you can grab Telstra prepaid. You’ll get at a half price if you shop their Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit. The best thing about the SIM is that it comes with a very cheap price, only $15. Its previous price was $30 including $30 credit for voice calls and SMS. You’ll get a single SIM that comes with all sizes like Full, Micro, and Nano. Also, you’ll be able to run it with your 3G/ 4G mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. In addition, you can recharge any of your suitable prepaid offers. And you’ll get 5 GB bonus by activating on your prepaid Freedom Plus.

Bottom Lines

Finally, we can say Telstra student phone plans are best in the marker that you can choose in simple. You can use their plans that would be nice enough with a bit of off than any other operator. So, you can switch to Telstra and take the full pleasure of it.

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