15 Weird and Interesting Facts About the Internet

Internet is one of the basic thing nowadays that most of the people use, and it is no more a thing that are not accessible by the mass people. And this happened just because of the affordability of technology and gadgets. But, surprisingly, a huge number of the internet users are not aware or concern about the behind facts and factors of internet. Here are some weird and interesting facts about the internet.

1. 5 Million Terabytes of Data

According to a Google report of 2010, there was 5 million Terabytes of data. Now in 2019, this will be so huge we cannot imagine. The same report revealed there was 4.5 million web pages and that is literally huge. Think about that when selecting NBN deals.

2. 1.9 Million Websites on the Internet

in 2018, Google reported there was around 2 billion active websites on the internet. Furthermore, 5 million blog posts are published every single day.

3. 95 Million Photos on Instagram

Instagram found that 95 million photos and images are uploaded on the site every day.

4. 4 Billion People Are Online

Last year, the social media reports revealed 4 billion out of total 7 billion people are active online. They all have social media presence on more than one sites. And all these happened just because of the affordability of the home phone and internet plans. So, select from NBN deals and stay online.

5. 85,000 Websites are Hacked

hacking has become a normal thing nowadays. According to a study, more than 85000 websites are hacked on a single day. WordPress and Joomla CMS are on top, showing how unsafe they are.

6. 30% of the World Population Use Facebook

around 50% internet users are on Facebook. The site recorded 1.7 billion mobile active accounts in Q3 of 2018.

7. The First Ever Email

Ray Tomlinson who was a US program and invented the email system sent the first email ever in the world as well. He sent the email in 1971 but the text or body of the email is not yet known.

8. 400 Hours of Video Content in One Minute

YouTube is the biggest video content site. Every day, YouTube sees 400 hours of video content in just one minute. Every month, there are one billion people who watch videos.  And every person spends 4 hours on average watching videos. We think, NBN deals might have something to do with it (chuckles).

9. 4.9 Million App

Android OS has Play Store whereas iPhone OS has App Store. The total number of apps on both the platforms is around 5 million. Just in 2016, Play Store saw 75 billion downloads whereas this number on App Store was 25 billion.

10. 80% Images are of Naked Women

Reports reveal that 80% of the total images online are naked images of women. The adult industry makes $3000 in just one second.

11. 51% Internet Traffic is Fake

The fake traffic is a serious issue for the people and a report found that more than half, 51%, internet traffic is fake.

12. 7 People Control the Internet

You might have thought who controls the internet. The answer is not just one person, but 7 people around the world. They all have keys and copies. If there is internet shutdown worldwide, these 7 people can meet to restore it.

13. 37% Internet is Porn

it is reported that over 37% internet is about porn content, images as well as videos. This is the reason why porn sector makes $3000 per second.

14. 21% Increase in Social Media Use

in 2017, it was reported the social media saw an increase of 21% in the users. That means more people are using the social sites now than 2017.

15. First Webcam in 1993

The first ever webcam was used in 1993 in Cambridge University. It was used to help researchers keep an eye on the coffee pot.