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Best PDF Readers for Mac Operating System

by Max Connor

You may notice one thing that whenever you send a document through email that’s in PDF format. That means whatever you send like invoice or contract; all of them come in PDF format. This invention of Adobe is not just widely used file format, it also easy to send anywhere and anyway. The aim of creating the PDF is mainly to send essential information quickly.

Although it’s a very old type of file format, it has not changed too much in these years. Despite its old format, it’s still a great and versatile way to make the combination between text and multimedia in a single document. As Mac is a different type of Operating System, it needs different types of software to convert PDF to text online. So, let’s know about some PDF readers for Mac OS.

PDF Reader Premium

It’s one of the popular and most powerful PDF managing tools for Mac OS. You can download this PDF reader directly from the App Store of Mac. It does not just work as a file converter; it also works like a file manager and page editor. If you use this app, you’ll be able to edit your PDF files while adding some individual efforts. These include freehand writing, sticky notes, text boxes, annotations, and hyperlinks.

Also, you’ll get the option to label them while adding color-coding and tags to make sure keep essential documents separate. Moreover, you can use a vital history option to maintain records of your stored files. You can use the app with iCloud as well that means you’ll get the backup of your stored documents. Besides, it’s compatible with Dropbox, so it’s easy to import and export your files from one device to others.

Apple Books

When you’re looking for something more than a PDF converter, Apple Books is suitable for you. It’s great to read not just simple word files; it also makes you able to read eBooks and novels. But, you must keep a condition in your mind that they should be free of DRM. It’s because DRM makes it limited if you compare with some other top PDF readers.

This simple app can do your jobs exactly in the way that you have to do. The app has bundled with the iOS 12. So, the possibilities are you have it previously if you have upgraded with the latest iOS. But, probably, you didn’t know you can use it to read PDF documents and novels along with a wider range of file formats.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

With the invention of a trustworthy PDF document for the first time, Adobe also has made some high-end managing apps. So, Acrobat Pro DC is that kind of PDF reader that you’re looking for your Mac OS. Its make your file conversion easy.

Also, you can edit and create files using this app. No matter you’re using a laptop, desktop, or a tablet; you can make all of your documents into PDF using this convert pdf to text file app.

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