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Tips to Compromise Human Errors On Digital PHI

by Laney Mosciski V

When you upgrade your storage system to the Cloud from the local onsite, you’ll find it works great. But, it doesn’t indicate that you’re all set and even you don’t need to take caution of how to manage your patient records.

It’s Okay you have made a transition to the digital platform integrated with DICOM viewers like DICOM viewer for Mac, but you must be taken care of your medical images and data wisely. Indeed, your records will not lose anyway; you’re still at risk though. Now, you’ll ask how you’re still vulnerable.

Yes, despite using the secured app on DICOM viewer Windows 10, there are some digital threats. If you’re thinking to upgrade to the secured platform it covers all itself, it’s highly unsound thinking. This is because we’re going to share some tips to compromise human errors on your digital Public Health Information (PHI).

Why It Happens

You know the term “hack” or “hacker” that’s one of the biggest threats of digital security. It’s better to say that hackers are the biggest threat among other issues whatever you have on the digital platform. The infringement doesn’t need to get from a malevolent digital break down the door.

Although it’s not clear to us why hackers choose hospitals and protected health information, you can get rid of some light on the end. When you find IT incidents or computer viruses, they can compromise PHI as well.

As it’s almost impossible to prevent hackers ethically to keep away from their awful activities, you have to take the right care of the PHI. It’s the only way to remain safe and secured on the digitization of compromised PHI.

Computer Viruses

This is a very initial threat that you should overcome. You have to think about this approach if you’re still keeping your backups on viewing station or your computer. For example, while you’re visiting a site to look for an ICD10 code, you may get a virus on your computer.

Mac OS has taken a good initiative to create its products flexible to viruses. It’s because the viruses don’t have real immune and they can make worsen other computers as well. That’s why; you can do just one thing in this issue. Discuss the matter and its possible solution with your IT department.

IT Incidents

People think that their Cloud solution is very impervious that it can’t lose anything from their records to imaging information. This is not completely true. And the part which it’s not true, you can’t do anything with the software. Instead, you’ll have to do all with human error.

Can you remember when have you changed your password for the last time? Are there multiple users of your system that use the same password and username? HIPAA has reported that password and username are the key factors in the most IT incidents.

When you don’t previously get one in position, you have to set up a strategy with the IT department. They’ll ensure your strong passwords. So, if you like to double up on your actions, consider changing out the passwords every 30 days or earlier.

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