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How to Use a Baby Monitor Effectively (Or Safely!)

by Laney Mosciski V

It’s normal for a new parent to want to keep a close eye on their infant as they sleep in another room. Baby monitors may provide parents with a great deal of peace of mind by enabling them to maintain a constant eye or ear on their child.

You may now watch your infant while at work, conducting errands, or even halfway across the country, thanks to advances in technology. For that, when you buy, buy baby monitor with camera.

However, buying a good monitor won’t be enough. You ought to use it safely. Here is how!

How to Get a Baby Monitor & Set It Up

If at all possible, get your monitor and set it up before you bring your kid home. This is because every household is unique, and certain baby monitors are more prone than others to produce frequency interference.

Ensure the baby monitor doesn’t pick up too much ambient noise, such as fans or air conditioners.

Safety Suggestions

Baby monitor and camera system is generally safe to use. When utilized poorly or without proper attention, however, several problems might develop. Here are some safety precautions to remember while operating a baby monitor.

#1 The cord of a baby monitor must be secure.

The CPSC recommends placing corded baby monitors at least three feet away from a baby’s sleeping environment, such as a crib or bassinet. Additionally, the CPSC cautions against placing a baby monitor inside a crib or on the crib’s edge.

#2 Sleep apnea (breathing) monitor warnings.

Some baby monitors promise to track your kid’s respiration in the hopes of preventing SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). However, AAP recommends against utilizing these monitors.

These devices have not been proved to prevent SIDS and may create more anxiety than anything else. However, if your infant has a history of breathing issues or needs home oxygen, you and your doctor may talk about using a sleep apnea monitor safely.

#3 Don’t let it take the place of your own supervision.

Although baby monitors may be handy, they should not be used in place of parental monitoring. If you haven’t seen or heard your baby move for an extended period, pay attention.

When your baby isn’t feeling well, be sure to check on them often since baby monitors don’t pick up on fevers or other details that only a parent in the room would notice.

#4 Where should the baby monitor be placed?

There aren’t many guidelines here. If you buy a video monitor, you’ll most likely install it on the wall, so make sure you choose a location that allows you to fully film your infant.

#5 How long should a baby monitor be used?

It’s entirely up to you how long you utilize a baby monitor. You can use it for at least the first few months of your kid’s life when frequent night waking is usual.

However, many parents continue to use one throughout their toddler years. It may be helpful to observe what their child is up to when they reach the climbing-out-of-bed stage.

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