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5 Helpful Tips On How to Communicate with Your Patients

by Max Connor

Want some help on healthcare communication? This guide will help you.

1. Be a Good Listener

Listening to your patients is the most important thing as this is the only way to gain their trust. It is very important that patients trust you as you are the one who is going to cure their medical problems with your prescribed medicines or precautionary suggestions. Be open to their questions so they can feel comfortable and answer their queries in a little bit detail. This will make them feel that you are not here for only getting consultation charges and instead you actually are sincere with your duties.

2. Be Friendly with Your Patients

This gesture also helps in making your patients comfortable with you and they can be more open with their medical problems. This is especially important when you have got a regular patient who trust you and want to get prescription or checked from you only. Give a recognizable look as soon as they enter your room, start conversation yourself and maybe ask them how are they, how are the kids or what about their vacations. This will make them feel you do not forget them and are friendly enough to know more about their condition.

3. Never Show Hurry during Consultation

It generally hurt patients a lot when doctors are not interested in their questions or concerns rather they want to wrap up the consultation session as quickly as possible. They give a negative vibe to patients to visit you again as you seemed only interested in getting a fee and prescribe medicines quickly. No matter how much successful doctor you are or how much hurry you are in, never show this to your patients. Be very polite and show interest in their concerns, even use DICOM player free download for showing their reports. It will instantly make you popular among patients.

4. Show Your Competency during Conversation

Firstly, involve in a good conversation with your patients and ask them some personal questions like what do you do or where do you live. Then tell about your skills and qualifications as everyone is not familiar with medicinal terms and degrees. Also, tell them about your few success stories in a nut shell or tell them some funny events you had with your patients. All this conversation during the consultation will first make them greatly comfortable with you and then make them easily trust you in a way that they can rely on your given advises. You can also DICOM viewer for Android here too.

5. Explain Their Condition in Detail


Patients get more interested in a doctor who explains them in detail about their condition, the possible reasons of their medical problems and what is happening in their body while not taking medications or precautions with the help of clear communication and tools like DICOM viewer for Android and others. When a doctor shows interest in telling their patients about all their condition in detail will make them trust on doctor’s skills more easily and also to visit him/her again whenever needed. This will also convince them to necessarily take precautions or not miss their medicines or take accurate dosages as prescribed just because now they know what could happen if they don’t listen to you.

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