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Wine Pairings Along With Simple Slow Cooker Recipe

by Laney Mosciski V

We all know that winter is the right time to go for the cooker. Mainly, we do not use the cooker in other weather. So, if the winter is knocking, you should bring out your slow cooker. At the same time, you should clean and prepare your slow cooker to make tasty foods in winter.

Today, in this content, we will present some slow cooker recipes. We cannot but say that you can quickly make all these recipes. However, there are lots of people who think that making exceptional winter food is very tough.

We hope that if you read this content and try all the recipes, you will get how easy to make tasty foods. Therefore, before you look for sparkling wine bottle, let’s go through this content and make your upcoming winter fun.

Cheese Fondue

Firstly, we will talk about the cheese fondue. Before we share the recipe, we must say that making the cheese fondue is very easy. But the taste of this food is just excellent for any party. At the same time, you can consider this food as healthy food. We will tell you how you can make this fantastic food.

Also, we will tell you the best pairing with this food. Well, to make the cheese fondue, you need some fruits. It would help if you had raspberry, vanilla, plum, and many things to make the fondue.

But the main item of this recipe is cheese. So try to collect good quality cheese to make the cheese fondue. The first one has to cut the fruits, and after that, you have to mix the creamy cheese with this fruit slice.

Turkey Chili

First, one has to prepare the turkey. Mostly, you have to make turkey chilli for the diner party. And the slow cooker chilli recipe is so tasty, and you can make this item very quickly.

After that, you have to add herbs, wine, little garlic, ginger and salt. All these things you have to use to marinate the turkey. Mostly, please keep this preparation for one hour.

But if you do not have time, then at least leave it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you have to put on the cooker for one hour. When the recipe is ready, you can serve it with the wine. Indeed, it will be a fantastic combination for dinner. You can also give your friends engraved wine bottle gifts.

Dip French Sandwiches

Now we will tell you another tasty recipe for your dinner party. Well, you can make the French dip sandwiches very quickly. Mainly, making the sandwich is not that challenging.

Even you can make the French sandwich very quickly. Well, you need baking spices, blackberry and cedar. You can add melted cheese and beef to increase the taste.  

Chicken, Pork Fajitas and Steak

If you want to make a memorable winter dinner party, then you can go for the fajitas. Also, the steak is the correct item for the special night. And by simple marinating, you can make the fajitas and steak as well.

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