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Top 4 Mutual Funds to Invest in 2020

by Max Connor

What Is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is an investment system offered by financial institutions where funds of collective investors are pooled into investing. The fund then uses assets on investing in assets to fulfill the investment goal. There are various options for mutual funds available for you to choose from. The first thing you need to know about mutual fund investing is deciding the right mutual fund. Therefore stay tuned because we will discuss some of the best mutual funds to invest, later in the article. Meanwhile, let’s discuss a little more about the funds.

Important Factors for Choosing Mutual Funds

Before investing in a mutual fund, you need to ask yourself some questions like how do mutual funds work?  what is the long-term goal regarding the fund? Are you thinking of capital gains? Is the fund for your retirement? By questioning yourself and understanding your priorities, you can help you narrow down your mutual fund’s options. At this point, considering the risk tolerance of the mutual fund is vital as well. This makes you prepared for any unexpected risks or losses that may take place. The more prepared you are, the more skillfully you can handle a risky situation.

Considering the fees and expenses is also an essential factor when choosing a mutual fund. Mutual funds earn capital by charging a fee to each and every investor. Hence it is necessary to understand and know different charges associated with the funding before you invest.

The load is a sales fee charged either during investing in products or after selling an investment. A front-end load fee applies when you are buying shares in the fund, and a back-end load fee is applicable when you sell the share. The charge deduction plays a useful role in keeping investors from buying or selling too many shares; the charge may also help you minimize the potential risk of over buying or selling shares. Keep in mind that the charge will be highest in the first year of holding shares before gradually dwindling. A level-load fee is another type of payment that is charged annually from the assets of the fund. The last kind of fund is the No-load fund, which does not charge a fee, but the management expense ratio can be very high.

Best Mutual Funds to Invest in 2020

Vanguard Wellington Fund Investor Shares

Vanguard Wellington Fund was founded in 1929 and is the oldest mutual fund ever existed. That’s enough to tell you how strong it is in terms of a financial institution, and that’s the reason people trust its mutual fund. The minimum investment starts at $3,000 with an expense ratio of 0.25%. The yield percentage is 1.59%, which is pretty good if you consider other mutual funds. Vanguard’s mutual fund includes a lot of dividend-paying stocks and bonds for a more balanced and lower risk fund for asset allocation. Expect the yearly return to be 7.55% and an average return at 8.29%.

Vanguard Health Care Fund Investor Shares

This one is from Vanguard’s health care sector with domestic and international investment as facilities. You can invest in medical supply companies, pharmaceutical companies, and even some hospitals. The minimum investment starts from $3,000 for this and an annual return of 25.79% and a lifetime return of 16.06%. The expense ratio falls at 0.32% with and yield of 0.85%. The expense ratio is lesser compared to other mutual funds, and that’s a benefit considering you don’t have to waste all your money paying the fees.

Fidelity Magellan

Fidelity Magellan is also an old company, formed in 1963. It has the same positive response in the market and is very popular in terms of funding. The mutual fund sector rose to success in 1980 with an average annual return of 29.2%. The best aspect of this mutual fund is that you don’t need any minimum investment at all. However, the expense ratio can be a little more, with 0.77% an average. The yearly return falls at 27.67%, whereas lifetime returns have 16%. The yield is 0.24%, which is not standard but has greater risk tolerance.

T. Rowe Price New Horizons Fund

If you want to invest in smaller funds with small to mid-capital growth, T Rowe New Horizons Fund is a good company for that. The company has a history of rapid growth, even with small investments. However, expect a minimum investment of $2,500, which is still decent compared to Vanguard. It has a 47.98% yearly return, 12.30% average return, and an expense ratio of 0.76%. You can’t expect yield at all from the funds.  T Rowe also includes investing in private companies. One of the companies is Evernote. The fund is currently closed and not accepting any new investors but might reopen in the future.


There you have it! You have a list of Top 4 mutual funds to invest in. Let me tell you that mutual funds are a great way to start investing for your future that engages low-risk. However, as an investor, you should keep these three things in mind while considering investing in such funds. Those are a well-reputed mutual fund company, a fund with a low expense, and no active manager. And I leave the rest to you as you are smart enough to decide.

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