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Top 6 Hair Care Products Brands in the Market

by Max Connor

Who doesn’t love to use hair care products? Be it short hair or long hair, these products help you to maintain your style all day long among all the hectic jobs.

When it comes to hair care products brands, there are many. However, not all of them are worth buying. The top brands have created their user-friendly websites with interactive tools to reach all customer base. They also use social media handles for marketing.

Nevertheless, not all of them are worth buying. Let’s take a look at the top hair care products brands we suggest.

#1 L’Oréal Paris

On its website, L’Oréal includes a comprehensive beauty library and a variety of consulting resources. L’Oréal distinguishes itself by incorporating special immersive aspects to the experience of the platform.

With both the paid and organic returns, the company had the highest search exposure among the more than 500 category keywords reported in the Index. In comparison, its merchandising activities (including Subscribe & Save) on Amazon outperformed the competitors.

#2 Garnier

Garnier unveiled a responsive web portal in 2015, prioritizing a device- first interface. The business also posted the second-highest spike in YouTube video views (behind Dove). The influence of Garnier’s TV collateral was expanded by comprehensive instructional material and playlist curation.

The persistent “cart” feature indicates that goods are available at designated stores, enabling the company to encourage an online shopping route without a direct sale.

#3 Pantene

Through a social media approach, Pantene has strong multichannel promotional strategies, engaging in conventional television advertisements and maximizing its scope. The hashtag #ShineStrong, in combination with paid advertising, propelled Pantene to the third most-watched YouTube brand channel.

The brand has used famous beauty vloggers to produce “Red Carpet to Reality” tutorials. Although L’Oréal Paris invests three times more in advertising, Pantene compensates online by actively investing in video promotion.

#4 Dove

At the root of Dove’s popularity remains social media. Dove released #LoveYourCurls, a youth-focused montage that became the brand’s third most-watched video with nearly 11 million views. The video was followed by the introduction of a free digital poetry book that could be customized according to the hair and personality of the user.

#LoveYourCurls helped make Dove one of the top three brands in both audience size and post impressions through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with other social media promotions (#BeautyStory, #ChooseBeautiful).

#5 TRESemmé

TRESemmé unveiled an ambitious smartphone advertisement urging people to upload images for display on a Times Square billboard during New York Fashion Week. The billboard highlighted the brand’s message of female empowerment.

In comparison, on Walmart.com, TRESemmé reported high product exposure and related how-to content and related product pages, helping to remove possible content silos.

#6 Clairol

In addition to comprehensive feedback and testimonials from both clients and makeup artists, Clairol’s product sections contain a hue finder and step-by-step guides.

Clairol is also experienced in partnering with third-party retailers; it is most apparent to Sally Cosmetics and surpasses all products in the Amazon merchandising strategies report.

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