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Smart Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Move in Toronto

by Max Connor
moving company in Toronto Canada

Looking to cut costs on your upcoming relocation in Canada’s largest city? Use these insider tricks to make your Toronto move surprisingly affordable.

As an almost lifetime Toronto resident, I’ve moved all over the city over the years. When it came time for my most recent move, I was determined to minimize expenses without sacrificing service. 

By getting creative and doing thorough research, I discovered many ways to reduce costs. 

Even with hiring a professional moving company in Toronto, Canada, you can take charge of your moving budget. 

Read on for my best tips on making your relocation more affordable.

Take Inventory and Downsize

Before calling for moving quotes, take stock of everything you plan to transport. Sort items into “must-keep,” “nice to have,” and “time to toss” piles. Be ruthless and realistic:

  • Will bulky furniture fit your new home?
  • Have you worn that outfit in two years?
  • Could possessions be replaced for less than shipping costs?

Holding a garage sale is an easy way to lighten your load and earn extra cash. You can also donate gently used items and get a tax receipt in return. Simply put – the less you move, the less you’ll spend.

Compare Moving Companies

While tempting, skipping the moving company and renting a truck yourself is risky and often more expensive in the long run. But not all movers charge the same rates. To find the best price:

  • Get in-home estimates from at least 3 licensed companies
  • Ask about their pricing model – flat-fee or hourly rate
  • See if they offer discounts for mid-week or off-peak moves
  • Check for special rates on storage if needed

I saved over $300 by shopping around for the right moving package. An upfront investment in research brought huge savings.

Plan Your Moving Timeline

Movers charge more during peak times like weekends and the end/beginning of months when demand spikes. To cut costs:

  • Schedule your move for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
  • Avoid booking at the end/start of the month if possible
  • Request a morning move time slot – rates are lower plus you get a full day for unloading

My mid-week move shaved roughly 15% off my quote. Careful timing made a significant impact.

moving company in Toronto Canada

Pack Your Items

Hiring professional packers may seem convenient, but it comes at a steep price. With some time and care, you can pack belongings yourself for a fraction of the cost. Buy quality moving boxes along with tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper.

  • Categorize boxes by room for easy unpacking
  • Wrap fragile items thoroughly – safer for your things too!
  • Label boxes clearly with contents and destination room

Even inexperienced packers like myself can securely pack all non-fragiles. Doing it yourself preserves your wallet.

Consider Renting Supplies

Purchasing all new moving gear gets expensive. Luckily there are rental options.

  • U-Haul outlets rent dollies, furniture pads, and hand trucks by the day
  • Pack animal crates, mattress boxes, and TV cartons are also available
  • Return unneeded items instead of storing them forever

I recouped about half my supplies investment by renting and then returning. Temporary use cuts long-term clutter and costs.

While relocating can feel stressful and costly, with some clever planning you can move affordably anywhere in Toronto.

 What tips do you have for keeping moving expenses down? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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