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How to Get Your Dog Used to Clickers? 

by Max Connor

The clicker is a tiny hand-held gadget that emits a unique, brief sound when pushed. It’s widely used as a marker in dog training to show the dog that he’s completed the required activity.

The clicker can be a useful tool, but it’s important to remember that it’s just that. It’s not a magic wand that will teach your dog for you. Like any other training tool, it must be utilized appropriately to be successful.

Before buying any other dog training supplies online, here are some pointers on how to educate your dog using a clicker:

  • Begin with a single behavior. It’s best to start with behavior that your dog already does regularly, such as sitting or lying down. If you don’t understand how to start and what your dog’s daily routine or dog does daily, you can observe your dog so that you can understand. 

Start with the behavior that your dog regularly does. You will not have to make so much effort if you do so.  

  • Pick a time when you’ll click. When it comes to clicking the gadget, you’ll need to be consistent. When you instruct your dog to sit, you could click when his butt reaches the ground, and you have to be consistent unless your dog will forget every command you taught them. 

For example, if you consistently train your dog with clickers, your dog will have a habit of it, but if you give up in the middle, your dog will also forget everything.   

  • Treat with a click. Simply click the gadget and instantly give your dog a goodie after determining when to click. The reward must be something your dogs like, such as a piece of chicken or a hot dog.

If you do so the way I am saying, your dog will think that they will get rewarded if they do training with clickers, and they must out their interest in this training. 

  • Do it again. Keep clicking and treating for the desired behavior. It’s crucial to keep your clicks and rewards constant because if you forget to reward your dog instantly and give them later, they will forget why they are getting a reward, so it is important to give them a reward instant so that they can understand why they are getting a reward.  
  • Make the sweets fade in and out. If your dog responds consistently to the click, you may start fading the goodies. This implies you’ll just click and treat once in a while. It means reducing the reward if your dog responds instantly and consistently.  

You could, for example, click and reward your dog every time if your dog doesn’t respond consistently and instantly, but if your dog responds instantly and every time, you should reduce the reward.

Final Words 

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well to successfully train your dog using a clicker. Oh, with just a clicker? Are you asking the question? I hope you read my post, and now you are surprised, right? Yes, my friend, it is easy, and it works the way I wrote above. 

Remember to be patient and persistent, and the desired action will become more common over time. Before buying any other dog training supplies online, you should rethink it. 

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