6 Meeting Skills for Real Estate Agents to Help Them Land More Clients

If your meeting skills are lacking, you’ll have a hard time attracting new customers. It doesn’t matter how successful your social media marketing campaign was.

Most real estate brokers have lost the art of the “face-to-face” encounter in the era of internet marketing and video conferencing. The property manager conference with customers online now!

If you want to be the local real estate leader in your community, you’ll need to improve your communication skills. Your meeting conversion rates will go through the roof if you master these six techniques!

#1) Completing Your Homework

After you’ve scheduled an important meeting, the first thing you should do is go online. I know you thought assignment completion was a thing of the past. It turns out that all those hours you spent in school doing research were wisely spent.

Start with a basic Google search and see if you can find what you’re looking for on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Family situation/relationship status
  • Preferences for jobs/industries (likes, dislikes, and hobbies)
  • Their views on key issues/themes across the world

These pieces of information will not only help you pre-qualify the lead, but they will also serve as the foundation for future conversations. However, remember, you shouldn’t discuss anything directly from their social media accounts (it’s weird).

#2) Make Use of Your Local Network

After you’ve done your basic research on your prospective client, go through LinkedIn and other network groups to discover who you and your potential client know. A professional or personal connection may open the door for you.

#3) Recount the Experiences of Previous Homebuyers

This is a must if your prospect has little prior knowledge of real estate. Instead of providing facts and news updates, tell a story to demonstrate your worth to your customer.

Your prospect will be able to put themselves in the shoes of a former customer or a good transaction if you tell a story about one. They’ll get a feeling of how it feels to work with you and begin to develop a foundation of trust.

#4) Pay Attention to Your Client

The most common mistake made by real estate brokers is talking too much. You can’t be learning while you’re the one who speaks. As an agent, you have to learn all you can about your potential client and design the most excellent solution to their issues.

Make eye contact while listening. Instead of worrying about what you’re going to say next, nod your head and really listen. This demonstrates to your prospect that you really care about them.

#5) Get Closure (But Don’t Be Weird)

It’s not necessary to unleash your inner Don Draper to be a closer. The best real estate salespeople figure out how to end a real estate meeting without seeming pushy or apparent. Remember that not every session needs to result in the client accepting to be represented or signing the best contract for you.

Request permission to send an email the following day with selecting ten properties you think they will like. Never leave a meeting without securing an agreement on a follow-up.

#6) Always Follow Up With Potential Clients.

Always-Follow-Up-With-Potential-Clients-on-LightningIdeaDo this always. Send an email, text message, or make a phone call to your lead. A short letter thanking someone for their time following a meeting may also go a long way.

This is how you get five-star ratings and a consistent supply of high-value recommendations.

Now that you know what you have to do, it’s time to put it into action.