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Some Useful Tips to Unblock Your ATM Card

by Max Connor

Many banks, cardholders and who bought ATM machine from ATM Company frequently have their ATM cards stopped anytime. It has a remote possibility of a fraudulent transaction or unlawful payment.

If an ATM cards expire, they have also banned. Yet, replacing the blocked cards with fresh ones is preferable or reactivating the deactivated ATM card for simplicity and comfort.

This Quick cash withdrawal or transfer by ATM and online payments is essential. Hence, you must understand how to unblock an ATM card. Therefore, before you look for an ATM NYC costumer service, let’s know the tips.

Methods for Unblocking an ATM Card

Several methods are out there for unblocking the ATM card. In general, there are two methods for unblocking an ATM card. This is either the banks do it automatically, or you must request it online, by SMS/call.

Or this is by making a physical visit to the branch. This has determined by the reason for the card block and whether it is a temporary or permanent card block.

How to Automatically Unblock an ATM Card

There are times when you might automatically activate or deactivate your ATM cards. When you input the wrong PIN three times in a row, your card has temporarily blocked for a day. After 24 hours, ATM cards become active and useful.

When your cards expire, the banks will issue you a replacement card and ship it to your registered address. Banks ban your ATM cards for security reasons due to concerns about data breaches. They also stop it, and new ATM cards have sent to existing and active cardholders.

Ways to Unblock an ATM Card Using a Bank App

When your ATM card is inactive, you may need to contact your bank to request that it unblock. You permanently banned your card and did it yourself to avoid fraud. You can mistakenly disable your card by SMS, customer care, internet banking, or in-person at a bank branch.

In any situation, you can request that the bank offer you a new card or unlock the banned card. Your bank blocks your card due to suspicion of an unusual transaction or payment. The credit card expires, and the bank does not automatically replace it.

Ways to Unblock an ATM Card via SMS

You can block/unblock ATM cards by sending SMS to the bank’s designated number in a certain format. You will require to give your debit card information and your account information. This does not apply if the card has expired or the bank has banned the old card from replacement.

How Can You Unblock an ATM Card Online?

This is possible through online banking, which may access via the bank’s website or mobile application. You can request that an ATM card unblock in the same way you can request that it block.

The Bottom Line

In summary, there are several ways to unlock an ATM card. However, it may not be able to activate a card through phone or SMS in some situations. Instead, you must apply to the bank itself to unblock the ATM card.

This occurs when there is a high level of suspicion about fraud, unusual purchases, or suspicious actions. You may require submitting a form together with valid ID proof.

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