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Tips to Choose the Right SIM Only Plans for Your Mobile

by Max Connor

It’s somehow surprising that the users of SIM only phone plans are more than 30% in Australia at this time. That means this plan has a lot of advantages as a large number of people have adopted it for them. These include you can get the benefits of upgrading your handset whenever you need. Also, you have the great options to choose from a wide range of packages by choosing the best one for you. Besides, you can change your phone by keeping up your existing phone number and you’ll get some more nice value-ads. But, you may get things somehow complex what to do and which one to choose for your own as there are loads of deals. Well, let’s know whatever you need about some SIM-only plans like Telstra SIM only plans.

Why Should You Go SIM-Only Plans?

It’s possible to save some money for you that is the most obvious reason to choose a SIM-only plan. You’ll find many more reasons for this like you can keep using your current phone by changing your SIM card. Also, you have a good chance to cut down your costs of the monthly mobile bill if you get an affordable plan. Besides, you may be one of them who like to swap their phones as you use your mobile in a different way every month. And SIM-only plan is worth you greatly if you’re happy with your current handset, but not with your current package.

Choose Your Plan If It’s a Month-To-Month or Contract

You have to ask this question to your own whether you afford to pay per month or you should go for a contract basis. But, you’ll find some limitation in the contract plan like you’ll not find that all carriers are offering the contract plan. Apart from this, you can get month to month plans if you’re a SIM-only user and using Virgin or Vodafone carrier. It’s true that you’ll get some better rates if you choose a contract plan, but there are some carriers that offer good deals for SIM-only plans as well.

Know Your Voice & Data Usage

We think this is not for you at the first time because you should know your voice and data usage as a mobile phone user. But, if you still don’t know so then you can consider your last months spend and add or remove $10 for your next plans. What the good thing about SIM-only plans is that you’ll not find any pesky device that interferes in your math. In this case, you can choose some of the Telstra plans as they’re ready to cover almost 99% area in Australia.

Bottom Line

Aside from the above-said tips of choosing the right Telstra mobile call rates for you, you’ll get benefits from the phone company as well. Moreover, you can choose Telstra plans in this case as they’re ready to cover almost 99% area of the country. Besides, you may consider the points that regard to the customer service and customer satisfaction of the carriers.

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