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What Are Financial Lessons All Doctors Should Learn?

by Max Connor

It’s never too late to learn something new. Just as you learned about medical imaging storage, let’s learn more about personal finance this time.

1. Never Use Your Whole Income for Regular Expenses

Generally, what people do is to manage their regular expenses considering their whole income and end up with having nothing in hand by month end. It is always advised to never manage expenses using the whole income and save at least 20% to 30% of it every month. Being a doctor, you need to pass several exams after certain period of time or if you desire to go for more specialization or field diversification. This saving is going to help you a lot when you don’t want to put much burden on your pocket.

2. Don’t Fall for the Luxurious Lifestyle

Usually in first three to five years after residency, many doctors fall for luxurious lifestyle which ultimately make them regret after few years. Few savings in initial years after residency are very important as there are lot of more expenses coming your way. It is better to keep your spending either same as of first year or just a 20% more than first year for upcoming three to five years if you really want to stay relax and spend some upcoming years peacefully. After that, you will be well on your way to the great financial freedom.

3. Clear Your Pending High Rated Debts on Priority

Though it is common for people to prioritize clearing the high rated debts but doctors especially become lazy doing that. It is because there are always some other important expenses comes your way that you keep those debts aside for clearing later but it is not the right practice. No matter what, always try to clear your high rated debts first and then spend on other things. You can make some financial strategies to clear your debts maybe in some kind of sequence that suits your income level and your regular requirements of expenses as well. But make sure to follow that strategy then religiously. You can also note how your hospital does that. How it pays its services like PACS medical imaging storage.

4. Target Some Goals and Set Timeline for That

Being a doctor, you always set some goals for your career but mostly doctors miss the goal planning for their financial areas. If you are targeting to specialize in some particular field, then definitely you will need certain amount for that as well so it is of no use if you are not planning to save money for that. So, it is better to target some goals for your financial plans and set timeline to achieve those goals. Limiting goals with timelines will help you to achieve those goals with much more dedication and determination.

5. Look for Investment Options

Usually doctors are not familiar with investment so they keep on thinking where to invest and this way a lot of their time is wasted. It is better to consult a financial advisor in case you are not sure about where to invest but it is really not good to waste more time in thinking about that. Or you can also search for options online and look for the one that suits you. If you have a tech guy or medical imaging storage guy as a friend, you can ask him too.

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