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Digital Marketing 101 – Types Of Digital Marketing

by Laney Mosciski V

Welcome to the age of internet where business rely on methods of digital marketing to make their business grow.

‘Digital marketing’ is an umbrella term and is subdivided into a lot of categories.

Types of Digital Marketing

1. SEO

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. The thing about search engines is that they rank websites based upon merit i.e. you simply cannot pay them to rank your websites at higher places.

SEO is technical optimization of your website through you which digital marketing freelancer targets your audience in terms of regional searches and highly targeted keywords.

2. SMO

Also known as ‘social media marketing’, SMO is a relatively newly grown trend in which digital marketing freelancer manages your social media accounts.

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram receive millions of daily active users and people tend to follow trends. A particular trend or business may have particular followers and this helps, converging all likeminded people towards a similar product.

Like SEO, SMO depends upon a lot of things. Contact your digital marketing freelancer today and he is likely to tell you about the importance of tags, hashtags, metatags, targeted keywords and trusted hyperlinks.

3. PPC

PPC stands for ‘pay per click’ – A short term marketing service which relies upon your payment methods. If you are interested in PPC, your digital marketing expert can go for sponsored posts on search engines like Google and Bing.

PPC is proportional to cash. For a limited amount of type, your posts will appear as of ‘promotional nature’ on search engines and stop their visibility when you run out of cash.

4. Email Marketing

One of the most effective types of retargeting old customers. Most people visit a website and buy a product. However, with reduced attention span, they tend to forget about a website.

What if you send them a reminder through email about your website and at the same time, make your day with a discount offer? They will quickly flock towards your business website.

5. Content Marketing

SEO experts talk about the importance of content as ‘content is king’. The thing about business is that the general public always tries to go for something new.

A lot of businesses tend to copy content or poorly write the same descriptions in substandard vocabulary. The public, upon wearing hundreds of websites in the name of internet surfing, sees right through and a business loses its potential permanent customers.

To make your business grow, contact your digital marketing freelancer and talk about the direction of content marketing, you would like to give to your business.

6. Influential Marketing

You and me – we are not very famous, so it isn’t a big deal that many people do not trust us but let’s say, if a person TV person or a celebrity is to endorse a product, many people will subconsciously believe him.


Because they have seen him a lot of times on TV. They know about his wealth and influence inside a society.

Influential marketing is a digital marketing tactic in which you endorse your produce through an influencer. Sportsperson, political person, celebrity – anyone can come into this list, as long as they are influencing people to try on a particular brand.

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