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How To Make Your Sofa as Stylish as You?

by Max Connor
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Your sofa is often the centerpiece of your living room decor. You want it to reflect your personal style while still being comfortable and functional.

The best couches in Canada offer countless options to turn your sofa into a stylish statement piece.

With the right fabric, color, and design, your couch can become an extension of your fashion sense. Read on to learn how to make your sofa as stylish as you.

Layer on Some Blankets

Blankets can add warmth, texture, and style to your sofa. Fold some cozy blankets over the arms or backs of sofas for a lived-in look.

Try combining different blankets like wool, cotton, faux fur, or knit for lots of depth. Rolling or scrunching blankets adds casual chicness.

Just be sure to fluff and rearrange blankets regularly so they don’t get too compressed.

When layering blankets, choose ones that are machine washable for easy care.

I love using textured knit or chunky knit blankets in natural tones like ivory, gray, and navy. A classic plaid or striped wool blanket also makes a timeless statement.

Outfit with New Slipcovers

Slipcovers are an affordable way to give your sofa a whole new look. You can find slipcovers in a range of colors, patterns, and fabrics to match any decor.

They just slip right over your existing furniture and fasten with ties or elastic. Change them out whenever you feel like a new sofa!

I like to use slipcovers in kid-friendly, washable fabrics since my son tends to make some messes.

Make sure to measure your sofa carefully before ordering slipcovers to ensure a proper fit.

Wrinkle-resistant fabrics like cotton, microfiber, and linen are good slipcover choices for active households.

For a tailored look, opt for fitted slipcovers. Ruffled or pleated styles add a romantic cottage vibe.

Add Skirts for Style

For a more refined, elegant look, attach a skirt to the bottom edge of your sofa. You can use a fitted sofa skirt or make your DIY version by attaching pleated fabric with velcro or nailheads underneath the sofa.

Skirts create the illusion of delicately tapered sofa legs. My friend Amy used lace skirts under her vintage sofa to play up the romantic, feminine vibe in her living room.

When sewing a DIY sofa skirt, be sure to allow sufficient hem room so the skirt hangs properly.

Mini pleats, gathers, or ruffles add pretty detail to basic skirts. Choose dainty fabrics like lace, silk, or linen to enhance the feminine effect.

best couches in Canada for sell
best couches in Canada for sell

Display Accent Pillows

Make your sofa look magazine-worthy by artfully arranging decorative accent pillows on top.

Opt for pillows in a variety of intricate designs, luxurious fabrics, and embellished details like beads, tassels, and embroidery.

Pro tip: odd numbers like 3 or 5 pillows usually look best! Play around with positioning pillows symmetrically or asymmetrically until you find a look you love.

When displaying accent pillows, vary textures and patterns for visual interest. Velvet and velveteen are opulent choices for special occasion pillows.

For everyday use, linen, cotton, or microfiber wear better. Place your largest, boldest pillows centrally and smaller ones on the ends.

So with just a few simple upgrades, you can easily transform your tired old sofa into a stylish centerpiece!

Try out some of these easy DIY tricks to give new life to your living room. Let your creativity run wild and make your sofa a reflection of your personal style. Your friends will think you got a brand-new couch.

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