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How to Spot Bad Movers and How to Deal with Them?

by Max Connor

Moving, in itself, is a huge and tedious task, and dealing with bad movers adds to the burden. But how to know a mover is bad? Here are some signs you should look out for when dealing with bad movers.

1. Don’t Commit If They Have No Information

A lot of the renowned moving companies have their contact information, their head office address and their whereabouts, fully open to the public. Good movers have to be reachable and negotiable. A big red flag for bad movers is that their information is not known on any helpline or phonebook. They are not traceable, and they don’t communicate well once you get a hold of them. It is advised that you don’t opt for these movers, because there is a high possibility that it might be an irresponsible company, or it might even be a scam. So, save yourself and only go for well-known moving companies.

2. Bad Movers Don’t Negotiate

People normally gravitate towards people who are there to clear any confusion or query regarding anything. The identification of bad moving companies is that they do not communicate well with their customers. They have a hostile behavior and their work ethic is not professional. It is best that you save yourself from the mental torture of bad movers if they are not solving any of your problems or if they are not well-communicative.

3. Their Rates Are Sketchy

If you want to find out the correct rate for moving, it is usually an average of what three well-known moving companies would tell you. Bad movers or scam companies have unusually high or low rates. Their rates are sometimes “too good to be true”. But, you should keep your radar up and running because these companies are unprofessional or scammers that’s why their rate is unbelievable. It’s best if you figure this important point out, before committing to the company. As soon as the rates smell fishy, you must escape this situation.

4. The Company a lot of Bad Reviews

This is the most apparent one of them all. When you go searching for moving companies, it is best that you always check their reviews. If a company already has a bad review by a lot of people, then you should stay away from that company as well.

5. Always Complain If Your Mover Is Bad

If you find yourself stuck in the web of bad movers, then the least you can do to make the situation better is to file a complaint against the company. This action is a way to let other people know about your bad experience. Filing a complaint usually goes in the permanent record of the company. So, if your complaint is serious and highlights the major issues regarding you and the company, the authorities will, hopefully, take action against the companies, and if they are scam companies, then legal actions can also be taken.


Act smartly and do not become the victim of bad movers. Looking for these red flags will help you a lot in figuring out who you’re dealing with. This information is also helpful if you’re looking for a junk removal service near me.

If you see that there are bad reviews, sketching rates, and unprofessional staff, don’t use that service. Always check the review of the junk removal service before contacting. Search by using the term ‘trash removal near me’ to find a service that’s near you.

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