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It’s Time to Stop Making These 6 House Staging Mistakes

by Max Connor

Staging your house for prospective buyers surely helps you to sell it faster and easier and if you are lucky, even for more than the asking price. But, the question is, are you doing the right staging?

Many homeowners tend to overdo with the staging process, not realizing the fact that too much staging will actually cause the prospective buyers to run in the opposite direction. Even the most experienced of the real estate agents tend to make house staging mistakes. However, to attract potential buyers, you should avoid these top house staging mistakes.

1. Do Not Over Personalize

When staging your house, you will get the naturally tendency to include the colors and designs that appeal and fascinate you. However, your choice may not coincide with the buyers choice and he or she might find it tacky or distasteful. Always stick to neutral tones and warm colors when staging your house so that your house feels welcoming and appealing.

2. Add a Splash of Color

Using neutral and basic colors in the whole of your house may also make it look boring and dull, so a little color is also necessary. You can enhance the walls with colorful paintings or add some contrasting shade on one of the walls or maybe add sharp toned furniture.

3. Expensive Staging Is Not the Key

This is not the time to completely renovate and decorate your house in the name of staging. You will need to save your expenses for your other house as well. Just do the basics and the necessary minor fixtures. Repaint the walls if necessary, get the fused lights fixed, fox the chipped areas, and repair broken stuff.

4. Too Much Clutter or Too Much Decluttering

The idea is that when the buyer enters the house, he should see it as his prospective house. For that he needs to see a spacious house so that he can imagine his own furnishing, setting and décor. Too much clutter and furniture will not make that possible and the house will look cramped while little or no furniture will also not make the house look welcoming but gloomy and empty. Try to strike a balance between the two and stage it so it just seems right.

5. Say No to Air Fresheners

Artificial air fresheners tend to make the house smell strong and bad. Some people might also be allergic to artificial scents and smells. If you want the house to smell good, invest in a good quality incense burner with soft smells or a scented candle to get that earthy and warm smell.

6. Not Decorating at All

Another mistake that you might make is that stage up your house to look very simple. Some frames on the walls, some show pieces, fresh and clean bed sheets, contrasting rugs in rooms and some pillows on the sofas add a sophisticated touch. Last but not the least, add some fresh flowers to attract the buyers.

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The key of staging is to set up your house with a minimalistic approach and to avoid overdoing it. Avoid these mistakes to sell your house fast.

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