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Some Good Reasons to Seal Wine Using the Corks

by Max Connor

The corks, screw caps, and plastic corks! There are several methods for sealing a wine bottle, but what is the purpose of corking it? You’ve probably heard of cork taint, which occurs when wine goes wrong due to a tainted cork containing TCA.

Cork taint is becoming increasingly infrequent as a result of modern manufacturing. Nonetheless, why do wineries continue to use corks to preserve wine? Therefore, before you look for “engraved wine bottles near me,” let’s know the reasons.

There Are Good Alternatives!

You’ve most likely seen the alternatives, such as plastic corks and screw-tops. Both are pretty effective in removing cork taint, and many wineries, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, employ them exclusively.

While some of the rationales for cork use are tradition (as well as the stigma associated with alternatives), corks do serve a purpose. And they can improve the flavor of your wine!

Corks Aid in Wine Aging

The oxygen contributes to the development of depth beyond fruit tastes and softens the tannins in a wine. So, as previously said, oxygen causes your open wine to rot. However, gradually allowing in minor amounts of oxygen over time will help your wine mature gracefully!

Corks enable a minimal amount of air (aka just enough). The closure doesn’t make it crucial for most wines that we consume straight away (many reds and practically all whites).

On the other hand, a cork closure makes a lot of sense for a wine that we intend to mature. There’s nothing like the sensation of uncorking your favorite bottle. Remember that your wine won’t taste very different if stored differently.

Three Simple Tips for Keeping Your Open Wine Fresh

Many marketed items have developed to assist you in preserving that open bottle of wine. To get you started, here are three simple, but most importantly, free recommendations for keeping your wine fresher for longer. These are to protect the oxygen in the air from ruining your wine.

Store the Wine with the Cork Sideways

The adversary is oxygen. When you keep your bottle upright, it becomes more excellent touch with the air. However, when the wine bottle has turned sideways, the liquid comes into touch with the cork. This prevents air from passing through the cork’s fractures.

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Place the Wine in the Refrigerator

Do not worry; simply set your bottle out to warm when you’re ready to drink. If you’re eager like us, placing the bottle in room temperature water can help it warm up faster!

Fill a Smaller Jug Halfway With Wine

The less air that remains in the container, the longer it will survive. So pick a container that you can fill to the top. There’s always the option of just finishing the bottle or sharing it with a buddy!

The Bottom Line

Persons have there with white wines since the beginning. “We started from Moscato, and now we’re here,” said the daring savants who connect with our anthem. This is our farewell song.

We’ll admit that we weren’t always well-versed in the world of white wines. But one day, we awoke, took a long, hard look in the mirror, and concluded that I couldn’t live in ignorance any longer.

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