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Sun Safety Tips That Will Help to Protect Your Baby

by Max Connor

A Baby’s skin is much sensitive than an adult and vulnerable too. Also, direct sunlight may damage the skin of your baby. So, you need to know about the protecting way to save your child’s skin from sun damage.

Therefore, we will discuss the importance of sun protection and safety tips for baby skin from UV rays. Now, before you look for starry sky rotating night light projector, let’s know more about this issue.

Try to Avoid Direct Contact to Sunlight 

The skin of the baby is gentle and extremely sensitive. So, direct sunlight easily sunburns the skin of the baby. Also, this sunburn damages the skin and makes the pain and harms your baby. Therefore, it is vital to avoid direct sunlight to your tiny one.

The most dangerous sunlight period is from 11 am to 4 pm. In this period try to keep your baby inside your home. You can buy portable baby swing set for your baby for its safety and fun. If you need to come out with your baby, make sure the baby is correctly covered with muslin cloths. Find a shaded zone for both of you. Also, it will support if you protected your child pram with a soft cloth or a pram canopy.

Use Natural Fabrics Cloth with Comfortable and Loose fit

Organic cotton is the perfect choice for your baby’s cloth. Also, this breathable fiber helps to prevent UV ray from the sunlight.

Therefore, try to cover your baby with a cotton cloth, and loose fitting can protect your baby’s skin from the sun’s harmful effect. At the same time, use a hat to protect the head part.

Apply a Baby-safe, Mild Sunblock

Sunblock is an excellent way to prevent the skin from harmful sun rays for baby and adults. But you have to make sure that when you are going to apply sunblock to your baby is baby safe. You also need to need to know the timing and procedure of the sunblock for your baby.

Mostly, sunblock should apply 25 minutes before going outdoors. In the same way, after sweating or swimming, you need to use it again also. If the baby stays out, you need to apply the sunblock after 90 minutes continuously.

Use Sun protection on a Cloudy Day or Indoor

If you think you don’t need to use sunblock on one cloudy day, you are wrong. Contact with sun rays on a hazy day is also harmful. So, use sunblock properly on every part of your baby skin except the eye.

Also, sunblock helps to keep the skin of your baby moisturized. So, keep your baby’s skin nourished and healthy by using sunblock indoor as well.

Before Use Test the Product

When you are going to introduce a product to your baby skin, first use it by yourself. If no problem found then, early apply on a tiny part of the baby’s skin and observe.

After a long time, if no irritation or redness appeared on your baby’s skin, you can use the product for your baby. This process is called a patch test. Each time for a new product, you should go through the patch test.

Do not Use sunblock have SPF Higher than 50

You should know that higher SPF sunblock can prevent more UV rays. But for children, you should not use more than SPF 50 sunblock.

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