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The Process of Protecting & Cleaning Velvet Shoes

Do you like to wear any other shoes except velvet? Well, the material of the shoes is good, and you will feel very comfortable after wearing this. It will give you a gorgeous look. Also, you will feel better after wearing the shoes.

If you are thinking of joining a royal party, this shoe will complete your look. If you love to keep yourself different and stylish, you should have velvet shoes. You can use the shoe for a long time if you maintain the cleaning process.

The shoe will look new after years. All you need to do is protect and clean the shoe properly. Otherwise, you will feel not to use the shoe anymore.  Here you will know about some cleaning steps. So, before you look for high quality men’s shoes, check them out.

Select Your Events

However, you know all weathers are not the same. It would help if you faced snow, mud, rain, and unavoidable weather sometimes. Well, if you avoid wearing velvet shoes during such times, it will be better. But, you may stick in such a situation that you need to reach somewhere.

Also, you will wear velvet shoes. Then you can carry them in any plastic bag. Once you reach the destination, you can freely wear the shoe. This is how you can avoid any dirt in the shoe.

Basically, you should wear the shoe when you are in any indoor function. Then, you can avoid water, stain, and any other liquid dirt. Plus, your show will remain clean. 

Remove Dirt

Moreover, you should not panic if the shoe becomes dirty because of mud or anything else. Generally, it would help if you waited until it dries. If the dirt is dry properly, you can clean them easily.

Make sure you are not scrubbing the shoe. The reason is it may harm the fabric of the shoe. So, brush it gently when it dries. You have to brush its dirty area, and it’ll remove. 

Remove Other Liquids & Water

Additionally, water is known as an enemy for your velvet shoe. So, if the shoe becomes wet, you need to act immediately. Of course, you need to rub the shoe with the microfiber fabric. It will be the best option to clean the shoe. Surely, it would help if you did it gently. Otherwise, it may harm the shoe fabric.

Remove Stains

Sometimes, the stain may occur in the shoe, and you can’t clean it by rubbing or brushing it. So, you can apply baking soda/lemon or dishwasher liquid to get rid of the problem. However, mix the solution, and apply it quickly to get a better result.

Now, scrub or brush the dirt area gently to remove all stains. Though, if still, the shoe is not properly clean, repeat the process. But, ensure you are applying the liquid less while repeating the process.


Therefore, if you are thinking to buy men’s shoes online and after buying your expected shoes while taking the shoe from the box, don’t forget to apply the protective spray. It will keep the shoe in good condition. Plus, it will look brand new.

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