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The Way to Build A DIY Modular Home Porch or Deck

by Laney Mosciski V

Do you know that you don’t have to pay for a deck or porch as part of the cost of custom house construction? Construct your DIY porch to save money. Upon first look, creating a porch may appear to be a large undertaking.

Therefore, if you prepare ahead of time, obtain the necessary supplies, and follow clear directions, you will end up with a product to be proud of. Hence, before you look for mobile construction office trailers, let’s begin!

Pick the Location and Design of Your Porch

Of course, before you start physically building your porch, you must have a plan. Pick whether you want a front porch, a back porch, a side porch, or a wrap-around porch. Draft a preliminary design if you can so you have an end goal to strive toward.

Pick a good spot that will not interfere with other objects, such as your driveway. Once you’ve created a pretty comprehensive design, you can change supplies and equipment as needed. It’s time to lay the groundwork. In this case, you can search for construction office trailers if you needed.

Put a Weed Barrier and Gravel

This foundation of your porch is not the same as the foundation of your house, driveway, or garage. Its first step in constructing your foundation is to dig holes for your footings.

Next, at the bottom of each hole lay gravel to prevent the foot slipping around below the deck. Once it has finished, the weed barrier acts as a protective layer, preventing weeds from sprouting up through the deck planks.

Add Footings and Jousts

These footings (deck piers) and jousts are added in Part 2 of your foundation. Use great care to ensure that everything is level, making it much easier to lay your deck planks. Once you’ve installed your deck piers, re-bury them to keep them from slipping.

Keep Your Wood Watertight

This is now time to prepare your deck planks. Trim your wood to meet your deck specifications, and then waterproof the bottom to prevent mold and mildew from damaging the wood. Then you just need to waterproof the underneath for the time being. It’s because you will seal the top after staining it.

Place Your Deck Planks

This is time to start laying planks! Utilizing your spacer, evenly distribute the boards across your jousts, waterproof side down. Give time for this part of the project. While it may not be extremely tough, you should be certain that everything is even. When one board falls, the entire structure falls.

Finish With End-Caps.

Once it has set and drilled, finish the deck with end-caps to give it a finished aspect. You’re almost finished! After staining your deck, use a sander to ensure smooth and ready for sealing.

Seal & Stain Your Deck

Pick a good stain and sealer, then apply as many layers as necessary to achieve the gleaming new porch you desired.

Add Your Screen

When you build the porch beneath an attached roof, all you have to do is connect a screen frame from the roof to the deck. When you are building your roof, you must include it in the framing of the porch project. Afterwards, apply the screen fabric.

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