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Tips You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Next Party Bus Rental

by Max Connor

Is your wedding around the corner? Are you inviting your friends to go to prom with you? Or you just want to disappear into the wild with your friends or family and have some fun? A party bus service can be the most fun and safe way to travel around.

Before choosing your next party bus services, you need to do some research. No matter how much experienced you are, many services out there are just utilizing tricks of the trades to charge you more than you actually want to spend.

It is not just some of the shady guys out there you need to be wary of; many reputable companies are also overcharging the customers. However, not anymore. No matter what is the occasion, you always deserve the right service at the right price.

Here is what you need to know before booking your next party bus services.

1. Decide on What You Need

It is impossible to deceive an informed customer. Before choosing your service, decide on what services you need so that you are not influenced by any salesman magic or flashy advertisements. Always do your research.

Here are some other facts you need to keep in mind:

  • The number of guests
  • Your pickup, drop-off, and stoppage locations
  • The number of hours you need
  • Your occasion date and backup date (if any)

Besides these, you also need to decide on the amenities you need. Would your friends like a dance pole? Or do you need any flat-screen television for entertainment?

Remember, the services may vary from company to company and vehicle to vehicle. Be sure about what you need and ask for images of your vehicle’s interior and exterior to make sure.

2. Stick to Local Services

Consider narrowing your search by “party bus services near me  for your local services. Here is why.

Most party bus rental services charge based on mileage and travel time. So, it may just add additional costs to your bill before even boarding the vehicle.

As local companies will have less operating costs and more affordable insurance, it will make your experience more fun and accessible. Choosing local service just makes more sense.

3. Find a Reputable Company

Finding a reputable company is especially important. You do not want an awkward non-professional guy driving you on your special day.

After narrowing down your search to local services, you will have very few left to consider. Try to look into the review sections, and find the best reviews.

Also, make sure that the company, vehicle, and drivers are all legitimate. Do not hesitate to ask for any of your concerns to the company. Any responsible service will answer all of your questions.

4. Plan Your Route in Advance

Are you directly going from your pickup point to the drop off point? Or are you going to stop at some points? This is especially important because many company charges for fuel additionally.

So, spare yourself from being worried about your travel day. 

5. Understand The Costs

The costs may vary on the size and luxury you need. A 10-passenger vehicle, for example, would cost $100 an hour, a 14-passenger vehicle would cost $125 an hour, and a 20-passenger vehicle would cost $150 an hour.

Many renting agencies have a minimum number of hours, often starting at four hours that you would rent. The more you lease, the higher the price will be. So, read the contract thoroughly and look if there are any additional or sub-chargers.

In case you are sharing the costs in a group, and you are the organizer, try to understand the entire cost of the trip to evenly distribute the costs among yourselves.

6. Book In. Advance.

This is especially important when you have larger guests, and you need several vehicles.

 For instance, take a wedding party. On average, there are well over 100 guests at a wedding party. Arranging vehicles for all of them suddenly can be challenging. Booking in advance also gives you the extra time to do your research thoroughly.

Advance booking can also help you with getting some discounts!

7. Remember to Tip

Tipping is an integral part of American culture. It is customary to tip 18 to 20 percent of the base price. However, some companies may add tipping to the bill, while others may leave it to the customers.

Finally, you have learned how to rent a party bus. By planning out your evening thoroughly, you can solely focus on the fun part of your night. You are now fully ready to rent a party bus.

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