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UI/UX Design Trends That We Need to See More

by Max Connor

The connection UI/UX creates is basically smooth and glitchless. A successful UI design can be satisfying to people, the more color-coordinated, smooth an app’s interface is the better the chance of it winning people’s hearts and awards. Seriously! If you don’t know yet, there are lots of apps in AppStore and PlayStore that are known for their award winning mobile app design.

A good UI design can be inspiring and thought-provoking. If you are a designer, you at some point in your life have been inspired by the designs and the interfaces. In 2019, we saw some designers achieving UI design awards for their best designs. For 2020, the anticipations and demand reached even higher. Here are some of the designing nitty-gritty that can revolutionize the designs in 2020. Upcoming designers can take these tips as their UI design inspiration.

1. Personalization

We are suckers for personalized things, whether it’s a phone, an app, a merch? I don’t know! But what I do know is that YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and other streaming apps base their suggestions keeping our choices in mind – that’s personalization! I recently came across a cute journal app called Reflectly and to be honest, I am in love with the design. This is a new concept as there wasn’t an intuitive UI based journaling app a few years ago. With time, more and more progress will take place and the anticipation would surely keep us hooked.

2. Great Illustration

No app looks best if the illustration is crappy. As I am a massive sucker for beautiful illustrations, I download apps that I never use after downloading (I’m kind of pathetic that way). Anyway, so when I see a design that’s off putting I immediately uninstall the app. And I am sure I am not the only one who feels like that. Nowadays, minimalistic apps are best preferred by users. I don’t know the science but I enjoy a minimalistic app because I like clutter-free layouts. The art and color scheme need to be noticeable but clean and crisp.

3. AI assistant

Hey Siri! Hey Google! Hey Cortana! Now, I am that kind of a girl who doesn’t really like using an AI assistant but man they are useful. As a Google AI assistant user I really like how my assistant put things together for me. What I don’t like is its sluggish response and lack of understanding of certain things. This doesn’t mean I am complaining. What I am saying is there is room for improvement and each time the apps get updated, it gets improved.

4. Rounded corners

I always liked rounded corner layouts, this looks effortlessly chic and rich. Gone are the days where you only got the pointed edges. Looks like the new UI design is here to stay. Also this trend is followed by most of the best mobile app developers in the industry.

5. Animation

Have you noticed how the pictures move in your apps? These animations are a new addition to apps and thus makes things much much unique as well realistic. These are called advanced animation. As our phones are becoming advanced so are these animations. The intuitive motion makes it easier to swipe or drag. With time these will progress to the next level.

6. Accessible to disabled people

Techs are becoming user friendly, so are the designs. We can already see a lot of thought and consideration being given to the latest designs so that anyone can access them. In 2020, we can safely assume that more designers and developers are going to make their apps more accessible for disabled people.

With that being said, 2020 surely is shaken by COVID-19 but people aren’t sitting home and not doing nothing. They have set up their workstations and are tirelessly working to make all our dreams possible. And even if 2020 doesn’t let us be artistically free like we used to be, no harm is done. We will spread our wings once again. Till then stay home, stay safe!

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