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How To Gain Access The Underside Hood Of Your Car When It’s Stuck

by Max Connor

Well you need to check some parts that can be found under the hood of a car. But the hood is stuck. You know your regular maintenance is necessary. So, Now what? Well, here is a list of steps you can follow to open up the hood if it’s stuck.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is park the car and put the parking brakes on. It’s better if you do this at your home or a local garage. This is because if you can’t fix the hood properly after opening then you can get help easily.

Step 2

First you need to locate the interior release latch. This you can find under the steering wheel on the side of the driver’s door or near the glove box. Usually there is a picture of the hood opening where the release latch is located.

If you are using an older car then it may have an exterior release latch. Look for the release latch under the front lip of the car’s hood. If it seems like you are locked out completely then you should consider the mechanic.

Step 3

So you are out of the car and have located the exterior latch. Try to work it. Usually when the latch is functioning properly the hood will move upwards slightly. If you hear the latch clicking but there is no movement then the latch is most probably stuck.

You can find the latch on the center usually or the side. If the hood opens up slightly then just press the exterior latch. This may cause some depressions on the latch and even sideways movement.

Step 4

This might seem pretty weird but what you can do is slap the hood to see if you can shake the latch to move into position. Pull the interior latch, while pulling the latch with an open palm slap the hood. You may need to use some force just make sure you don’t put a dent on your hood.

Step 5

The next thing you can do is to try to pull the hood open. Have a friend pull the release and hold it steady. Then you move on to the front of the car and pull on the hood with some force. But do it slowly and steadily as not to damage the hood. If the problem is rust or grime then you will be able to overpower it and open the hood. If you see that the hood isn’t budging at all then don’t try to force it.

Step 6

If you are in a cold area where it is snowing or it is below zero then the latch might be frozen. Turn on your engine and let it sit on idle for a while. This will thaw out any ice that may have gathered when the engine was turned off. Well if the problem still persists then you should consult with a mechanic.

Final Tip

If any of the tips worked for you then you don’t really have a big problem. Once you get the hood open check the latch and see if it needs replacement or not. Also continue with your under hood maintenance. You can go and look for discount body parts in auto body parts wholesale stores. There are amazing deals to be had. I myself have taken advantage of a few situations like this. So go ahead and check for the things that are suitable to your needs