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How Surgeons, Doctors and Medical Professionals Stay Focused

by Max Connor

The healthcare profession is notorious for long working hours, years of tedious training rotations, immense amount of matter to cram, and cut throat competition. Surgeons are extremely prone to depression and burnouts, as a typical emergency case in the O.T can take up to 4 hours which is extremely exhausting.  In the event of these circumstances, only a handful of people actually make it to the finish line and achieve success and admiration. The quality of having immense focus and deep concentration is a rare skill nowadays. Here are some tips from some of the most successful people in the field who swear by some of these habits as a bridge to their success:

1. Do Yoga

As a surgeon, standing on your feet scrubbed in long running procedures with a bent back and a crooked neck is bound to leave you suffering from moans and aches. The number one tip we recommend is to practice relaxing yoga sessions with a good stretching routine to ease the tension in the joints and improve flexibility. Other than yoga, an overall active lifestyle featuring 5 days of working out and keeping a count on your activity levels per km is essential to your focus.

2. Limit Distractions

The modern age of the internet and smartphones was designed as a way to help us seek more information and improve our outlook. But today, technology is taking up a ridiculous amount of our time and causing us to lose focus. If statistics are to be believed, an average person check their phone more than 50 times a day! That’s strikingly high. In order to retain focus, stash your smart phones in your purse and focus on the now.

3. Practice a Relaxing Ritual

The healthcare profession can get immensely stressful within a blink of an eye. Managing critical patients and experiencing patient loss is inevitable. In order to reduce stress levels and keep your brain on the right track, we encourage the creation of a stress free environment that boosts happiness satisfaction. Whether it’s listening to music, organizing a department brunch or taking a day off, recognize your peace point and practice it wholeheartedly.

4. Seek Comfort Over Trend

When you are standing for long hours scrubbed in a procedure, the last thing you would want is wearing trendy clothing pieces or sporting a pointy shoe. We recommend seeking comfort instead of fashion wear, wear comfy loose clothing and a pair of padded sole friendly shoes or crocs to ensure maximum comfort.

5. Seek Spiritual Fulfilment

In life, sometimes leaving some things over God can immensely lower your burden and increase your satisfaction levels. Research has backed that individuals that seek spirituality are less prone to burnouts, stay focused for longer periods of time and have lesser bouts of stress and depression.

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In life, success and focus is a conscious effort and not something God gifted. By following these hacks, we bid you good luck for your journey towards ultimate success.

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