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Save Big on Dog Dental Cleanings with These Money-Saving Tips

by Max Connor
low-cost dog dental cleaning near me

Learn how to save money on your dog’s teeth cleaning with tips on finding low-cost vet options, dental insurance, DIY solutions, and more.

As a dog owner, I know how expensive vet bills can be. That’s why when my furry friend Charlie needed a dental cleaning, I was determined to find ways to save money on the procedure.

After lots of research, I discovered several clever tricks to knock the cost down by hundreds of dollars. If you want to keep your dog smiling with healthy teeth and gums without breaking the bank, check out these low-cost dog dental cleaning near me.

Ask Your Vet About Discount Days

Many vet clinics offer promotional dental days with steep discounts on cleanings and extractions. I called around to vet offices in my area and found one that did dental cleanings for just $100 on select Fridays.

That’s nearly 60% off their normal price! Ask your vet if they ever run specials on dental services. You may need to get on a waiting list, but the savings will be worth it.

Use Dental Insurance

Signing your pet up for dental insurance can save you a bundle on cleanings and other procedures. I got a plan from PetFirst that covers one annual cleaning at 80% reimbursement. For a monthly premium of $12, they sent me a check for $240 after Charlie’s cleaning – reducing my out-of-pocket cost to just $60! 

There are lots of pet insurers out there. Do some comparisons to find the best dental plan for your budget.

 low-cost dog dental cleaning near me

Ask About Conscious Sedation

General anesthesia with intubation for cleanings often adds hundreds to the bill. I asked my vet about using conscious sedation with a local anesthetic instead and saved nearly $150.

The procedure takes a little longer, but Charlie did great with just some relaxants and numbing medication. Inquire about this money-saving option.

Consider DIY Options

For small dogs, you may be able to clean their teeth at home using a finger brush and toothpaste. I sometimes let Charlie chew on antlers and other abrasive natural bones to scrape off tartar between professional cleanings.

There are also dental water additives and gels that can reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Talk to your vet before trying DIY solutions to make sure they are safe for your pet.

Shop Around

Costs can vary dramatically between vets and regions, so it pays to do your research. I got quotes from five clinics within driving distance and found pricing ranged from $300 to $800!

The office with the best Yelp reviews ended up being the most reasonable. Don’t be afraid to call around and ask for estimates.

Look for Dental Specials at Shelters

Some animal shelters offer low-cost dental cleanings during pet adoption events and clinics. I volunteered at a local shelter while Charlie was getting his cleaning done. The shelter vets were providing dental cleanings for adopted pets for just $50! Adding your name to their email list can help you find out about these savings opportunities.

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