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5 Useful Productivity Tips for Doctors

by Max Connor

Medical profession is the most daunting one and facing too much stress daily leads a doctor to loose his/her productivity down to a significant level. Here are 5 most useful productivity tips for doctors which is going to super helpful for them.

So, let’s jump into how the doctors can make their time for productive? Let’s know

1. Prioritize Your To-Do List

Doctors are involved in a profession which requires a series of different tasks to be done on regular basis along with keeping a very good memory to handle your patients carefully. Prioritizing a to-do list for doctors is a very important thing to keep their sanity and perform their noble duties with full sincerity. Look at your schedule, organize it and prioritize tasks (like checkup time, media medical imaging inspection) as per their importance for the day.

2. Limit Your Screen Time

Well screen time is a big killer for every other person these days but this thing especially in doctors is very dangerous for their careers and the people in their surroundings. No doubt we are living in a connected world these day where everyone is connected socially but limiting the screen time is extremely important to give due attention to their profession and duties. And if you find yourself very resistive towards this limitation then you can opt for the applications which even blocks your browsing for a time span set by you. Go for them but make sure to keep your phone away when you are on your duty. The only screen you should have during practice is computer screen with media medical imaging.

3. Delegate Duties


Since doctors’ profession is considered to be one of the noblest profession of all so many doctors prefer to become a hero and perform every task themselves. This is a solid case of draining all your energy in unnecessary tasks which can be easily performed by your staff. Learn to delegate duties and keep an eye on them to check their performance. Apart from this, limit yourself to your specialties except for the emergency cases. This way you can focus on your career growth as well as maintain your sanity for becoming a good doctor among patients.

4. Don’t Be Hesitant for Taking a Break

High productivity demands a fresh mind and an active body which can only be achieved if relax yourself for a few minutes after every hectic task or a tough patient. Don’t feel hesitant if you are taking three minutes break after every hour or so since it is really important to become highly productive with your duties. It is your right to take a break so just chill, relax, take a long breath and get back to your work with fully recovered energy.

5. Don’t Focus on Administrative Work

Administrative work like managing media medical imaging for medical records storage is a whole different thing than medical practice so tries not to do such tasks yourself and leave them for others to do. For instance, taking patient’s history and noting down in a file makes you not give much attention to your patient instead you are all focused to note every single point. Same goes for keeping records of previous patients who are called for follow up checkups after a month or two. Leave this work for administration department to handle the history and records and you focus on the purpose you are serving to your patients. Listen to their queries carefully, talk to them, think and take a decision.

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