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6 Things You Should Do to Build Rapport with Patients

by Max Connor

For a doctor, building a good relationship with your patient is an important part of getting them to follow your practice. You have to know them and they need to trust you in order to start proper treatment. You can engage with them and start a conversation using these conversation starters.

1. Asking About Their Occupation

The most common conversation starter is to ask a patient about their occupation and what keeps them busy. You can ask them about how their job or school is going. Don’t hesitate in giving them any sort of advice as they might appreciate you for that and your advice may actually help them. If they are new to a job, ask them if they are enjoying it or how was the transition from one job to another. These little conversations will get your patient to trust you even more.

2. Use Their Names in Conversations

Asking the name of your patient is the basic thing you will do but remembering that name and using it in the conversation will build a good rapport with the patients. They will appreciate how you know their name and will create a sense of trust that they remember you and your illness. Conversations feel more authentic and patients will feel more engaged in it.

3. Ask Them About Where They Are from or Grew Up

Patients who come to you may come from different locales and asking them where they grew up can make the conversation memorable. It is kind of a rare question to ask and that’s why people find it so memorable. Try to listen and relate to their story of growing up in a different city like letting them know if you have been to that city before. Not only that, you can make the conversation more interesting by asking about their recommendations for their city if you pass through there.

4. Ask About Them Through Phone Calls

After you have treated a patient, you will have their information. A follow-up call from you or your office to them asking about how they are doing or reminding them of their upcoming appointments (if any) will be enough to have them appreciate you and establish a good rapport between the doctor and patient.

5. Ask Them About Their Concerns for the Treatment

As a doctor, it is your responsibility to clear any concerns they might have about the treatment. You must ask them if they would like to know about their treatment or if they are confused with the process. Ask them if they want to tell you something about the treatment as listening to them will give a boost in building rapport.

6. Greet Them with a Smile


Don’t forget to greet them with a smile and meet them with friendly intent. Not only it establishes goodwill between the doctor and patients but also releases the tension in the air before the treatment.

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The best way to successfully build rapport is to find something to talk about with the patients. Remember the conversations you have with them by taking notes and continue about it in the next appointment.

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