6 Dental Office Etiquettes | A Dentist’s Opinion

As someone who doesn’t even wash his plate after a meal at home, it emphasizes how I’ll never be the poster kid for proper social etiquette. I’m sure there are better persons than me out there, and you’re one of them.

However, I can surely guide you on what to do when it comes to my dental office. So, before the next time you visit your local dentist near me, allow me to introduce you to the ‘Miss Manners’ Guide to Dental Appointment Etiquette.’

#1. Batman, holy halitosis!

The top dentists near me aren’t vampires; we’re immune to all the expected first date faux pas, such as garlic breathe. However, it’s astonishing how many people arrive for their appointment and then worry because they’ve just had lunch at the Indian buffet or drank a dark Colombian roast macchiato in the vehicle and are now concerned that their breath will strip paint off the walls.

Off-color breath is a part of the job; therefore, cleaning your teeth immediately before your visit isn’t necessary (hopefully, you’ve been brushing regularly before that). There’s a reason we wear those cool face masks.

#2. Keep your hands off the phone!

There are many similarities between dentistry and commercial flight, with the caveat of less legroom and free peanuts. Patients’ mobile phones do not interfere with our tools per se but having them on during treatment significantly affects our ability to perform any dental cleaning or operation safely and quickly.

#3. Please don’t bring any cigars.

Once there were smoking areas on planes and in restaurants. “Smoker or Non-Smoker?” the hostess would inquire before seating you. It was stupid since the smoke constantly floated across. Smoking is terrible for your health, financial account, social life, gums, and job as a toothpaste model, so it goes without saying.

#4. Coughing & sneezing diseases do not always spread.

If you’re sick, we’d want to let you know that we’re a germophobic workplace, which means we know how to avoid, contain, and eliminate germs. Please don’t assume you need to postpone your appointment just because you’re a little sniffly. To keep you safe, we adhere to extremely strict standards and hygienic measures (and us).

#5. Swear you’ll tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Not being open about medical problems or habits may hinder you from receiving the finest care, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate treatment for your dental problem. We’ll see if you don’t floss. Your mouth will tell on you if you don’t brush twice a day. We resemble Big Brother in appearance, but we are ultimately on your side.

#6. You threw me off?!

Nothing is more irritating than getting dumped, whether it’s by your hairdresser, mother, or the person you’ve been messaging on Match.com for the last week. Face it, bailing without a call or text is just plain nasty, and that sort of thing goes into the ‘karma bank’ (as my wife puts it), which is how you end yourself trapped in the middle seat the next time you visit.

Now that I’ve gotten these off my chest, we’re looking forward to seeing you in the office!